Bank Mandiri Bank Terbaik di Indonesia Suntik Modal Rp 300 Miliar ke BSM

Bank Mandiri Bank Terbaik di Indonesia - PT Bank Mandiri Tbk plans to inject $ 300 billion of additional capital into its subsidiary, Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) this month.

This was conveyed by the Director Commercial & Business Banking of PT Bank Mandiri Sunarso friendship event National Economic Community of Sharia 'Strengthening the Role of Islamic Finance and Banking in Economic Building Society,' at Plaza Mandiri, Saturday (12/15/2012).

"Independent Group (Bank Mandiri) as a parent or a 100% shareholder in BSM continues to support the growth of Islamic finance through the BSM, one this December Mandiri will increase in the BSM capital of Rp 300 billion," said Sunarso.

He said, the continued development of Islamic finance in Indonesia contributed to the development of Islamic banking, one of Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM), which currently has assets reached Rp 51 trillion.

"Assets of Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) now has reached Rp 51 trillion, it is achieved thanks to the increasing growth of Islamic finance in Indonesia," said Sunarso.

Sunarso is said, of the total assets of Rp 51 trillion, Rp 42 trillion is funding for public distribution.

"Of the total assets of Rp 51 trillion, Rp 42 trillion placed for financing obtained from public fundraising through the products Bank Syariah Mandiri," said Sunarso.