Gaji Bos dan Karyawan BI Dipastikan Naik di 2013

Gaji Bos dan Karyawan BI Dipastikan Naik di 2013 -Parliament finally approved the increase in salaries and employee Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia (BI). It refers to the Bank Indonesia Annual Budget (ATBI) in 2013 with an allocation of Rp 2.32 trillion for salary and other income.

"The increase in salary to the assistant executive assistant to the governor based on purchasing power, the actual rate of inflation in 2012. Committee (committee work) ATBI approve salary increases member Board of Governors, including Governor, Senior Deputy Governor and Deputy Governor," said Deputy Chief Andi Timo current ATBI Panja raker ATBI in Space Commission XI Senayan Jakarta, Monday (12/10/2012).

He said the salary increase in BI based on purchasing power (cost of living adjustment / COLA), which refers to the rate of inflation in 2012 were for release by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

"We also agreed performance benefits, 6% of the total allocation of salaries member Board of Governors, after calculation. Performance based on the achievement of the inflation rate and the exchange rate," he explained.

However, the Commission XI of the House of Representatives asked the central bank to improve the determination of the main performance index in the year 2013 in accordance with the applicable general standards and the standards of weighting in BI.

"To level the governor's assistant, executive assistant to the increase based on purchasing power adjustments, or cost of living adjustment. Adjusted for inflation in 2012, year on year (in setahunan) published by BPS. Meanwhile for performance benefits with a range of 0 - 8 percent, based on the achievement of performance targets, "he said.

In the same place, the Vice Chairman of Commission XI of the House of Representatives, Harry Azar Aziz explained governing board approved salary increases and employee ATBI 2013 BI to make the lowest employee salary disparity and the board of governors less than in 2012.

"55 times the previous 60-fold disparity. From highest to lowest," added Harry.

The following list of basic salary per position in Bank Indonesia by maximum salary scale after gaining:

  1.     Governor of BI = USD 199.34 million
  2.     Senior Deputy Governor = USD 169.44 million
  3.     Deputy Governor = USD 123.10 million
  4.     Assistant Governor = USD 99.67 million
  5.     Executive Director / Senior Director = Rp 83.06 million
  6.     Director = USD 57.68 million
  7.     Deputy Director = USD 49.36 million
  8.     Assistant Director = USD 32.86 million
  9.     Manager = USD 26.18 million
  10.     Assistant Manager = USD 17.72 million
  11.     Staff = USD 12.72 million
  12.     Assistant Managing = USD 6.15 million